Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jupiter Island Beaches Sea Turtle Haven

Jupiter Island, Florida serves as a haven for both beach-goers and sea turtles. In an effort to combat beach erosion, the beaches have been widened with a "renourishment" project, and the residents aren't the only ones enjoying the improvement. Jupiter Island already is home to quite a few natural Florida preserves such as Blowing Rocks Preserve, and does not have much artificial light to speak of. So of course, these factors make Jupiter Island a new haven for nesting Florida sea turtles.
According to WPTV.com, "As of Friday, 6,440 endangered loggerhead turtles had made nests along the 6.6-mile island stretch. That's 70 percent more loggerheads than the entire nesting season in 2011." And to make all of this even more positive, there are still three months left of nesting season. This is just a part of the boosted numbers of nests researchers have been seeing come up all over Treasure Coast beaches. Supposedly the number of nests laid by green turtles is significantly less than the previous year, experts seem unconcerned given that their numbers tend to fluctuate more dramatically, and anticipate an upswing for next year's numbers.
Jupiter Island Florida may be known as home to the highest per capita earners in the U.S., but it is also a sanctuary for those who do not have as much money, yet get treated just as importantly: loggerhead turtles. And the best part is that anyone who makes it to Jupiter Florida can enjoy watching these amazing creatures set the stage for their newborns, just as long as they keep their flashlights off.

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