Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Celine Dion Talks Jupiter Island Real Estate

Jupiter Island Florida is truly a paradisaical place on Earth, with gorgeous beaches, flourishing landscape, and tons of beautiful upscale beach-side mansions. Throughout the past few decades, Jupiter Island has slowly been gaining recognition for being a major play ground of the wealthy and famous. Jupiter Island Florida has in essence become the Palm Beach island of northern Palm Beach county and southern Martin County. With the addition of the highly exclusive Jupiter Island Club and a few celebrity residents, Jupiter Island has basically become one of the largest exclusive communities in the country let alone the world. Celine Dion is a staple Jupiter Island celebrity, and has recently listed her palatial Jupiter Island estate for a whopping $72.5 million. Granted, this is not the most normal of Jupiter Island homes, and is more of a private resort compound with a 10,000 square foot main house, a combined total of approximately 10,000 square feet of other buildings, and a completely state of the art water park. The water park alone on the Jupiter Island home site belonging to Dion rivals the local public Rapids water park in sheer size and impressiveness alone. In a recent general interview, Celine Dion made a quick set of comments regarding her surprise that there are already offers on her Jupiter Island estate. She goes on to say that she is glad that potential buyers are actually lining up to purchase her Jupiter Island home, but laments that she wishes she could spend more time enjoying it, as opposed to leaving it empty for long periods of time untouched. Apparently Dion is in the process of constructing a large estate in Las Vegas, and is going to be devoting the majority of her time to that area. With a touch of reality, Dion expressed her understanding that a Jupiter Island estate of this magnitude will not sell over night, and remains patient in the home-selling process.

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